Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{ Deadwood } Part I

Sup peeps!!  I am so stoked to share my adventure with you!  As you most likely know by now from the girls, we had to leave the Outer Banks of N.C. and head inland for a few days to avoid those hurricane force winds that Arthur was sharing up and down the coast.  So, we ended up at this really small (and kinda boring) campground out in the middle of nowhere.....seriously, I'm not jokin', it was like in the middle of a soybean field!  BUT, right across the road from the campground was this place called DEADWOOD.  Yep, you read it right.  Now, when I first saw the sign as we pulled in to the campground, I thought to myself; oh yeah, that place sounds happenin' (extreme sarcasm) and wrote it off as B-O-R-I-N-G.  The next morning I got up and figured what the heck; I'd go and check it out.....I mean what's to lose other than a few precious hours watching the soybeans grow, right?

So, it turns out that this place has been around for a while and is known in the area for having western themed dinner shows and a little amusement park.  I liked the idea of being amused so I decided to go on in.  I walked down this long bridge into a kind of courtyard place area and all of a sudden, I heard someone call my name; "Trey!!"  Kinda freaked me out to tell ya the truth.  I looked around thinking there must be another dude named Trey (lucky dude, right?) and then I saw my best buddy, Alden, over by the train ride waving wildly to get my attention!  I was totally stoked!  Now, I wouldn't be bored at all! 

"Dude, whatcha doin' out here in the middle of freakin' nowhere?" I asked.  Alden explained that he too had to stop his vaca at the beach to get out of the way of Arthur.  He and I both could not believe how lucky we were to have both ended up at the very same campground!  He was actually excited to visit DEADWOOD cause he'd heard about this place on TV.  Boy, he had me there. TV? You gotta explain this one to me real slow.....

So, turns out the owner was featured on a show called 'Doomsday Preppers' that was on the NatGeo channel a while back.  The Wild West amusement park is used as a front for the family's end-of-the-world preparations.  Cowabunga dude, I did not see that coming!  Alden, being the sorta guy he is, went into great detail about their guns and a real live cannon that they shoot!  I for sure wanted to see the cannon blast.

Alden really wanted to ride the train but the engineer wasn't around.  Alden had already purchased enough tickets to ride the train twice but said he'd give me one so we could ride together.  Awesome.  But we had to wait for the engineer to return so in the mean time, we decided to explore the place. 

We headed over to the carousel ride and jumped on the horses!  I threw my hands up in the air and yelled; "Yeeeeeehaw!!"  Heck, at that very  moment, I felt like Hop-a-long Cassidy or.....better yet, The Lone Ranger.  Ha ha, then the thought it me - Alden could be Tonto!  What a riot.  At this point, I couldn't help but notice that Alden was holding rather tightly to the bar.....almost like he was scared of falling off.  Some Tonto.  I think the real Tonto rode his horse bareback and most certainly didn't have a metal bar to hold on to!

After a few times around, Alden seemed comfortable enough to at least throw one hand up.....and when it did, he yelled out really loudly; "High Ho, Mr. Ed!!"  At this, I nearly fell of my horse.  Mr. Ed?  Seriously?  "Dude! The Lone Ranger did NOT ride Mr. Ed!!!".  He didn't reply.  I just put it down to his totally random sense of humor.  He is always saying the craziest, most random things that totally crack me up!

After a dozen times around the carousel, we headed over to the rock-climbing wall....saaa-weet!  Before I could even grab a rock, Alden was scaling the stinkin' wall!  Now, that like totally threw me.  He was afraid to ride the carousel horse but he can climb a rock wall with nothin' but a little rock to old on to?!?!?!  Somethin's wrong with my buddy Alden.

By this time I really wanted to take a break but ohhhh, noooo.  Not happenin' yet.  Alden was up the orange ringed ladder and yelling "Last one to the top has a rotten leg!!"  Now, I have to admit, as soon as I realized what he said, I immediately looked around and prayed that nobody overheard him.  Whew, thank God no one else was even remotely close to us!  "Dude! It's not a rotten leg, it's a rotten egg!!"  To which he replied "Where?"  Oh, for cryin' out loud.....really?  So, I caught up to him and convinced him that I really, really needed to go and chill-ax.  

As we made our way back to the courtyard, we came across this heavy dude with no hand, two broken ankles and a creepy scar across his face.  Not sure why he was holding a flowery lantern?  It didn't match his outfit at all.  Captain Hook was a pirate, not a cowboy, right?  Maybe he was yodeling?  I dunno but he was definitely lackin' in the swag department.  Frankly, he left us speechless but since we were tourists, we thought the least we could do was have a photo op with him.  Not sure what more we can say about this poor guy other than he'd make a good character in one of those creepy doll movies.

Back in the courtyard area we found a super cool water well that had some nice shade...perfect for a chill-axin' moment....or two, or ten or heck, even twenty.  We talked about how it must have been hard livin' back in the olden times when you had to go and "fetch" water for drinkin' and washin' and all kinds of water-needin' chores.  We both agreed we were really glad we weren't actually born waaaay back then. 

After a nice long break, I was starting to feel like explorin' again.  We started looking around to see what else we could get into.  Alden was getting antsy to ride the train.  He absolutely loves riding trains and I just knew that until we did that, he was not gonna stop talking about I have to admit, it did sound like a load of fun.  Apparently, the word around town is they had "aliens" back in them woods!  Who knew that aliens had landed and were living in the middle of "Nowhere, NC". 

And, just as I was about to suggest going back over to the train station to see if Mr. Engineer man had returned, both Alden and I heard a loud "All Aboard - Awwwl Aboard!!!!"  Whoa, that was great timing!

Stay tuned for the rest of my story!  There is much more  to's just that I gotta catch some much needed Z' right now.  ~Trey ✌ 

P.S. If you want to know more about Alden, check him out on the "Meet the Guys" page!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{ Amazing Sunset }

So, if you are one of our Instagram peeps, you know that we had to leave the beach in North Carolina for a few days so we didn't get blown away by Hurricane Arthur!  We ended up at a funny little campground in the middle of "Nowhere, NC"......well, the town was actually called "Bear Grass" which totally gave us the creeps since neither of us like the idea of running into a bear up close and personal!  Any-who, we were not allowed back on Hatteras island for a few days after the hurricane and that made both Hollie and me very sad.  We both really missed the beautiful sunsets over the Pamilico Sound that we get to see every evening when camping there.

Finally, we got the official "okay" to return and we arrived just in time to ride over and take in the GORGEOUS sunset that evening!  Hollie and I just sat there in silence as the sun dropped in a glorious explosion of color!  It was totally amazing!!!  Honey and Boo loved it too!

Well, we have some great beach photos to share and are working on those.  And Trey is working on a post about an adventure he had with his best friend, Alden.  That's gonna be a fun post!!  ~Faith ✞

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

{ Afternoon at the Bay } Part II

Good golly, I cannot believe it has taken me this long to finish sharing my day at the beach!  I was busy with lots of end-of-the-year school activities; we had my 5th grade graduation, stinky SOL testing, super-fun awards ceremonies (I made the A-B honor roll!) and a couple end-of-the-year parties with friends. But now summer is here and I am super excited!

Okay, so, continuing on with my afternoon at the bay.....

I ended up finding 13 pieces of sea glass! I didn't end up finding any rare colors (total bummer!) but I did find greens, whites, and browns. Some of the browns were more amber colored, which are really pretty! I'm excited to add them to my collection!

After a couple hours of walking up and down the beach, it was late afternoon and the sun was starting to dip low in the sky.   We decided to take a rest on this really cool log - looked like it had been there forever! It was perfect for us to give our legs a break and had a great branch sticking up to hold Trey's hat!

We talked and talked and talked for a really long time!  Trey told me how he was so happy to come to the beach with me.  He said he had not gotten the chance to go to a beach last year at all and was so glad I chose him to come along with me.  I told him I was really glad he came was like having a best friend along.  I had no idea he loved the beach as much as I did.  I could tell he was having fun...and you know what?  Even though he is a boy, surprisingly, so was I.  ☺

Next thing you know, we ran out of words! Can you believe that? It was totally weird!  So, we just sat there and watched the water together.  There were sea gulls that flew by a few times. When I asked Trey if he like gulls, he said he calls them "sky rats". I laughed out loud.....he's so funny!

All of a sudden, Trey jumped up and ran to the end of the log.  "Hey Lanie, come look at these bugs!"  Now y'all know I love bugs....especially ladybugs!  As I jumped up, I totally hoped it would be ladybugs!

Both Trey and I stared at the bugs; there were several different kinds making their home in the top of the part of the log that was sticking straight up.  It looked like a bug hotel.....just look at them all!

"There's a bazillion ladybugs here, Lanie!" Trey shouted. "Hey wait, isn't your nickname Lanie-bug?" I told him yes it was, and that some of the girls at the dorm call me by that name 'cause they know I love ladybugs soooo much!

Now, back to all the bugs.....

Although Trey was right and there were a bazillion ladybugs, I really, really liked the bug on top. It was super cool and totally different than all of the others. I wondered what it was? It had a bronze-colored head and a striped back. I had never seen this kind of bug I asked Trey if he knew. He said "Sure.....its a zebra bug!" I gave Trey the stink eye and said, you're just making that up! "No really," he said "that's what it's called!" I still didn't believe him and told him that I would have to look it up later to make sure that he wasn't just feeding me a bucket of fudge!

After saying goodbye to the bug hotel, we walked over to a stream that flowed into the bay out of the woods. I stepped into the water and it was SO cold, but after a few minutes, I didn't notice it anymore. Isn't it weird how that happens? I told Trey that he should take off his shoes and wade into the stream with me, but he didn't want to get his feet wet and sandy. Really? We're at the beach, right?! I told Trey he was really missing out on having fun.

The water coming from the woods was so clear that I could see my feet straight through it! I had an idea for our next visit to this beach; I'm gonna bring a little boat that I can put in upstream and watch it float all the way to the bay! Oh good golly, that'll be fun to do!

Unfortunately, our time to leave came way too fast for us both. We both promised that we'll have to come back here together sometime.....maybe late summer or early fall. In the meantime, I'm gonna do some bug research, 'cause I'm pretty sure Trey was totally wrong about the zebra bug!  ☺

Hope you liked my story about our trip to the bay. It really was a fun day!  Have you ever had a super fun day end too soon???   ~Lanie ☼

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

{ Afternoon at the Bay } Part I

Hello you guys!  Long time no talkie!!  I have been super excited to share with you about a little afternoon trip Trey and I took to the Chesapeake Bay last weekend.  The beach is near the quaint town of Chesapeake Beach, MD.  It's a really nice area.  Cindy's grandparents used to come here during the summers when they lived in Washington DC.  That was back in the 1940's and 50's.  It was a welcome break to get out of the city for a couple days and it wasn't too far to travel.  Even though Cindy couldn't come with us this time, she told us about all the cool things to look for on our visit.  When I first arrived, I found this log that had definitely been washed up on the beach for a long time and it was the perfect place to sit and just take in the beautiful view.  

 I got pretty full of 'beautiful view' real fast and wanted to explore!  I mean, I am Lanie and that is what I do, right?  And, Trey was taking so long....he had to "visit" the woods, if you know what I mean.  So, then it hit me...yes!  I'm gonna see if I can balance while walking on this log!  I jumped up and steadied myself and then started walking!  Wheee!

I almost lost it a couple times but was able to save myself and make it all the way from one end to the other! I held my arms out for balance and it worked great! Golly, that was fun.  

You know the sand and stuff at the beach on the Chesapeake Bay is different to the ocean big time!  In addition to sand, there are little pebbles that get left up on the beach at low tide.  I also like the little lappy waves.  They don't scare me like the big ocean waves do.  But then again, they also don't make that wonderful big roar that the ocean waves do.  Also, there is an awful lot of trash that washes up on the bay beach....seeing it all makes me really sad.  I love nature and hate to see trash on the beach with one exception.....beach glass! Technically, it is trash that the big commercial boats and random fisherman throw into the bay.  But the cool thing is that over many, many years of rolling around in the waves and sand, the broken glass pieces get sanded down to a smooth texture.  This turns them into the prettiest pieces of glass you've ever seen!  They call it Beach Glass or Sea Glass.  I have a little collection at home in my camper.  I was really hoping to add to it this trip.  I'll have to show you guys my full collection one day.

The other SUPER cool thing you can find is sharks' teeth.....yep, you heard that right.....sharks' teeth!  THAT is what Trey came along for.  He didn't believe Cindy when she told him that he could find some if he looked really hard.  Finally, Trey appeared from out of the woods and we started walking....looking very intently at the sand.  We didn't talk much.....I guess cause we were so busy looking at the sand for treasures.  Trey walked on ahead of me and I'm pretty sure it's because he wanted to find any sharks' teeth first.  That's okay though, I don't mind cause I'm really looking for beach glass!

As we walked along, we hadn't found any glass or teeth yet and I wondered if we needed to walk closer to the water's edge.  Trey didn't want to take a chance of getting his new shoes wet.  Umm, really Trey?  Like, you knew we were coming to the beach.  Course, it wouldn't bother me cause I dressed appropriately by wearing my new water shoes.  Aren't they cute?  I love the hot pink color cause it matches my bucket and my swimsuit.

So, back to what happened next; all of a sudden, like literally at the exact same time, both Trey and I saw something that made us stop dead in our tracks!  We both started to bend over to pick up the treasure, which I thought was beach glass and darned if it didn't seem like Trey was trying to beat me to it!  Oh no you don't Trey-man, over my dead body!

Then, as we both got closer, I realized that there was BOTH a piece of beach glass and a shark's tooth!  So Trey wasn't after my glass after all.  Turns out, he thought I was after his shark's tooth!!  Oh good golly, it was so stinkin' funny afterwards! We laughed til our sides hurt!

We were both so excited about our finds!  My sea glass was a beautiful green color.  Even though it is not one of the rare colors of sea glass, I was still super duper happy with my find.  And Trey's shark tooth was da bomb!  It was brown and was in perfect shape!

I have more to share about our afternoon in Part II of this adventure...lots more!  In the mean time.....I'd love to hear if you have ever found a shark's tooth or some beach glass?  If so, where did you find it?

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Friday, May 2, 2014

{ Vaca Fun with Meatloaf }

So, while I was on our Easter break camping vaca, I decided to take Meatloaf out for a little walk. I was going to go boarding but instead decided to take him out for more of a get-back-to-nature walk cause, you know, he is a dog and they like that sort of thing, right?  Just as we started to walk along the campground road, I noticed a super cool, round fluffy dandelion seed head! 

I love blowin' those little fluffy seeds and watching them soar....this day was super windy so I knew this was gonna be fun!  Um, let me see, I need to make a wish first.  What should I wish for?  Oh, I know!  There, wish made.  Now for the fun part! 

ONE.....TWO.....THREE.....BLOW!!!  There they go!  Watch them float away!

Saaa-weet!  That was fun.  "Come on, Meatloaf!  Let's find some more!" I yelled.  Boy, he was fast and found another one right away.  He was so funny......he started sniffing it profusely.  I was like, dude, they don't smell....they're weeds!

So I decided to sit down with Meatloaf and see what he did with the dandelion.  He's such a crazy, fun little guy and he always makes me laugh with his curiosity and antics.

So I stretched out on the grass and dog-gone-it (no pun!) he just wouldn't give up the whole sniffing thing.  He sniffed all around it.  He sniffed under it, on this side, on that side...I swear if he was just that little bit taller, he would have sniffed it on the top too!  So, I thought, I'm just gonna have to try and explain this....again.  I know some dog breeds are supposed to be really smart but I'm starting to think Sarah should have named him Meathead, not Meatloaf!

I began - "Now Meatloaf.  This is a dandelion WEED.  It is NOT a flower.  Flowers smell nice, weeds do NOT.  Got it?" Based on the blank stare he was giving me, I was pretty sure he didn't but just when I was going to explain it yet again.....I saw it coming - a big Meatloaf sneeze!  A-CHOOOOOOO!!  Those little seeds were no match for a bulldog sneeze and it blew them right off the dandelion head.....hahahaha!  Soooo dang funny! 

Now personally, I thought that it was hilarious and actually pretty cool that Meatloaf did his own version of "blowing" the seed head - kinda like I did.  However, he seemed to be super puzzled by the whole thing.  I mean one second, the fluffy stuff was there and when he blinked during the sneeze, they disappeared.  He just stared at the empty little seed head with amazement and you could almost read his mind - "Where did they go?  It must be like magic or something."

"Funny Meatloaf!  You're the coolest dog around and I love you.  You make me laugh at even the stupidest things.  Every time I take you out to play, it's a totally new and crazy adventure!  Give me a big old wet doggy smooch! Now let's go find some more!!"

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

{ MagNeoBio Award }

Hiya Peeps! We were nominated for the MagNeoBio Award by Carli Gowing.  We don't know what that means but we thought answering the questions would be SUPER FUN!!


1: GOTY, HC, or MAG? Well, for us; GOTY & MAG

2: How many blogs do you visit? At least a couple dozen....but not every day.

3: How many siblings do you have? Some of us have no siblings and some of us have a just depends on which girl you ask!

4: Isabelle or Saige? Well, both of course!!

5: How many GOTY's do you have? Currently Mia, Lanie, McKenna, Saige and Isabelle all live here at the Dolly Dorm - so that's five total.

6: What in your opinion is the best thing about AG dolls? Well, gosh, we just love being us! We love living in our 18" world!

7: Netflix or Amazon? Amazon

8: If you could meet anyone who has an AG blog, or AG YouTube account, who would you meet? Wow, there are so many that we cannot choose just one!

9: What doll is your look-alike? Isabelle and Saige both have their mini dolls that look just like them!

10: Favorite book? Since we have so many girls that live here, that isn't an easy answer but you can check the "About the Girls" page to see some of the girls' favs!

Thanks Carli for the nomination!!!!!! This was FUN!

Turns out we also had another nomination for this award that was just brought to our attention.  This time it was by Dolls Are Best Friends Always!  We certainly agree with that statement!  So, here are the questions from DABFA:

1. Do your dolls have middle names or nicknames? If they do, what are they?  All our girls (and Trey!) have middle names...only one has a nickname and that is "Lanie-Bug".  ☺

2. What's your favorite thing to do with your dolls?   We love to set up special scenes and look for items that enhance their 18" world.

3. How long have you had American Girl dolls?  Seven years already!

4. How do you play with you dolls? (Even if you don't act out scenes or play as their mother, I think you still play with them if you blog about them, because you're imagining all these things happening.:))  Well, really the same answer as #2.  It's fun to take the girls to the beach and other places too so that they can share their experiences with their blog readers.

5. What are your favorite Historical American Girl books, and why? 

6. Do you have a proper bed for for your dolls? (So, something that was made to be a doll bed, rather than a shelf or something.;))  YES!  All of our girls sleep in the dorm....some have the sleep on the couch though, lol.

7. Do your dolls all share clothes, or do they have they all have their own clothes?  Oh yes!  They definitely share clothes and they love that they can do that.  Every once in a while there is a special outfit that might be just for one of the girls but they are all willing to share their shoes, clothes and accessories!

8. Do you like making up hairstyles for you dolls?  Our girls LOVE when they get to be a 'model' for a new idea hairstyle! 

9. What non-American Girl dolls do you like?  Well, it's not that we don't like others but we are just so partial to our AG girls that we'll be sticking with them only.

10. I know this has nothing to do with dolls, but I just can't help asking it: Do you like acting?:P  Lots of our girls like acting and some of them display great amounts of drama from time to time, even with they are just being themselves, lol.  So, yeah, lots of drama at the Dorm!

 Thanks Dolls Are Best Friends Always for the nomination!!!!!! Fun questions, too!

We have a new nomination from !!!
1. What AG pets do you have? Honey, Sugar, Chocolate chip, Coconut, Meatloaf, and Bennett.
2. Summer or Winter? We love both...but summer wins!!
3. McKenna or Isabelle? Both, of course! ☺
4. Do you play any sports? All the girls here play different sports...volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, gymnastics, horseback riding, and many more! There are just so many by now...and each girl has their own sport that they play.
5. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? We like to just stay home all day and do fun indoor stuff, like board games, and watch TV. But if there's no thunder or lightning, we sometimes go out and play in the rain! ☺
6. What doll(s) do you want next? #61 or Sonali
7. Favorite color? Each girl has a different favorite color. Some of our favorite colors are on the Meet The Girls page!
8. When did you start blogging? September of 2013
9.  Do you think AG should come out with boy dolls? I'll get back to you on that!
Thank you so much for nominating us!!! ☺♥☺♥

Friday, April 25, 2014

{ A Visit to Oak Island Lighthouse }

On Easter break, I got to go camping in South Carolina!  Trey, Cindy, Hollie, Izzy and I got to go this time.  The weather didn't really cooperate with the activities we had planned which was sort of a bummer but we made the best of it.  The day we visited the Oak Island Lighthouse (just over the border into N.C.) it was really cloudy and sooooo windy!  Seriously, I had to totally hold onto the rails when walking up the board walk towards the beach for this photo.  If you look close, you can see my earring is, like, horizontal!  What a hoot, right?  Yes, it was THAT windy.....I felt like I was in a mini hurricane!

At any rate, I got Cindy to take my photos for me and she timed it just right in order to get the light on the lighthouse shining while I was waving.  So happy about that!

Right in front of the lighthouse is Caswell Beach.  It was such a pretty beach but SHEESH the wind just wasn't letting up and I was cold enough up in the dry way I was going down there.  I was like constantly eating my pony tail - blech! 

Ummm, I am just noticing that this next photo makes my butt look big, doesn't it?  I'll have to ask Cindy if she used a wide angle lens!  I bet she did that on purpose.  Oh well, it's mine so no denying it, right?  :)  LOL! 

I really enjoyed reading about the Loggerhead turtles that come to the beach to lay their eggs.  Wouldn't it be totally awesome to be there on the beach with one of the darling little baby turtles poked it head out of the sand and started heading to the ocean waters?  Oh my gosh, that would be just an amazing experience!! 

Next, I read about the lighthouse itself.  It was built in 1958 so this year it is 56 years old.  This particular lighthouse doesn't have the traditional spiral staircase like I have seen in so many other older lighthouses, but instead it has a series of ships ladders.  Crazy, uh? We didn't get a chance to climb this one and with those kinda ladders, I don't think I would have tried.  Heck, I get pooped out just climbing the regular kinda steps.....I cannot imagine climbing a series of vertical ladders!  NOT.

Finally, I was shivering so badly that I decided to run back to the warm car.  I certainly should have come more bad for sure!  But seriously, who knew that I should have brought hot chocolate to the beach, lol.  ~ Saige ♥

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

{ My 11th birthday! }

Hey everybody!! As many of you is my 11th birthday! It has been the BEST birthday EVER!!!!!

Cindy baked a confetti birthday cake and cupcakes to eat after dinner and bought a tub of my favorite ice cream- Blue Bunny Double Strawberry! I was surprised that she remembered that- but hey, that's what sisters are for!

I got so many awesome gifts from all of the girls at the dorm! They are all just so sweet! Cindy got me some art supplies...including a set of new colored pencils in loads of different colors, a Tinkerbell stamp, and a paint set! I cant wait to use them! Lanie and Sarah got me two monkey figurines that I've been wanting for a long time. Hope gave me a warm, pink American Girl hoodie- which is SO me because hot pink is my absolute favorite color! Faith gave me this super-crazy-awesome scarf that is loads of bright and happy colors! It is soooo soft!! McKenna got me a pink eraser pig. It is so cute that I just don't want to use it!! Hollie LOVES to she made me a super-chic peace sign bracelet. Harper got me duct tape, and Saige and Isabelle saved up their money together to buy me a cute pink clutch purse!

Guess who got me these pink poodle slippers?! You'll never believe it! TREY! Who knew that he would know that it is the perfect gift for me?? He claims that he "picked them out all by himself"... but by the look that Cindy gave me, I could tell that he might've gotten a helping hand!

I know that my slippers don't match my pretty party dress but they are soooooo comfy that I am going to wear them for the rest of my life!!!

Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :)    ~Christina ♫